My middle name is Elise. I have seven siblings. I love coffee and iced chai tea lattes. I'm originally from McGehee, Arkansas (although I was born in Monroe, Louisiana), moved to the Kansas City metro (Olathe, Kansas) when I was ten, went to college at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas and now I split my time between Fayetteville, Arkansas (GO HOGS!) and Kansas City.  

I'm twenty-five years old. I RARELY forget a face (rarely, but on occasion).  I love mustard. I mean, I LOVE it. Like, I get the movie size as gifts. Every other condiment is gross. I hate salt and I'm vegan (MOST of the time).   I have an orange tabby cat named Chuck, who hates traveling with me.

I used to make everyone watch Beauty and The Beast and sing with me when I was little. Like, you HAD to sing. I always got yelled at for humming too loudly and I never knew I was doing it. In high school when everyone else was hanging out during free periods, I locked myself in practice rooms with a piano and taught myself how to play.  I got my first guitar for my 16th birthday.  I play the saxophone too. It's like riding a bike (which I actually don't think I can do anymore).

I decided I liked writing songs a few years ago when I realized it was a way to process my thoughts about life. And now I just want to give the world good songs. The world somehow makes sense in a song. And that's what I want to do. I want to write that song for people. That song that gets them through whatever they're going through. That song that helps someone cope just a little bit better, or reminds someone of what matters (to them), or simply makes them smile.

I don't care if anyone ever "gets" me as an artist.  That's not important. What IS important is people. Everyone, everywhere. And I hope I can write a song that helps just one person, somewhere. That's what I want to do.  If you want to know the "formal" stuff, check out my bio.  Thank you for your support and for stopping by!